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Welcome to Hermosavolleyball.com the most attended Beach Volleyball classes in SoCal for the past 30 years.
General Description of Class Content
Beginning, and Intermediate classes are primarily mechanics focused. Efficient footwork, movement in relation to your teamate movements, and correct body position and contact points while making successful Volleyball plays are incorporated into fun, educational and engaging drills. As you ascend to the higher levels (Intermediate and especially advanced) more strategic elements are incorporated.  The focus is more on attacking your opponents and exposing their weaknesses and keeping them "off balance" to prevent them from executing their strengths and  disguising your offense so that your oppents have minimal time to react to your hits and shots.


Program Director
Program Director, Dennis Collins is a former AAA rated player and pro qualifier who in the 90s and early 2000s  battled against the biggest names in the sport. He's also a registered ergonomist who has analyzed body positions while performing work in industrial occupations for Hughes, Boeing and DirectTV/ATnT.  How do his students get so skilled so quickly in his classes?  He's a professional who's been analyzing bodies in motion for 35+ years and has over 25 years of Beach Volleyball coaching experience. He was an AVP and Open Beach Pro qualifier, Masters CBVA National Champion, Surfest 6 Man Champion, FOVA Grass Open Champion, in addtion to numerous other outdoor Volleyball accomplishments...and he uses comedic and tangible descriptions that are easy to visualize and incorpoate into your game.



Fall and Winter classes are held on Sunday mornings from September until March. Spring and Summer classes are held on Wednesday evenings from April until September. See our full schedule of classes .

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