All Beach Volley Training instructors are hand selected for their incredible knowledge of the sport and their highly skilled methods of teaching class. Be sure to read the bios below to learn more about each coach.

Dennis Collins

So Cal Beach Native Dennis Collins or “Dansin’ Dee” to locals is a former California Beach Volleyball Association “AAA Rated” player and Pro Qualifier, He’s been coaching for 25+ years on the beach and combines his Beach Volleyball expertise with a Masters Degree in Science and professional Certificate in Ergonomics which provide him great insight into teaching his students excellent Volleyball mechanics by breaking down skills into segments which are easier to learn. His humorous and creative style make learning fun and challenging.

Dennis was featured in a Volleyball series on the Fine Living Channel in 2003 and 2004. He teaches all levels from raw beginners to CBVA Rated players and is a favorite of many spouses, friends and relatives of AVP players. He’s also a former CBVA Tournament Director, and served on the CBVA Board of Directors for 4 years. He’s one of the most popular, many say the most popular Volleyball coaches in Southern California as his classes quickly sell out and his students acquire solid Volleyball mechanics very quickly.

Beach Volleyball is a combination of so many invigorating and healthy aspects… physical fitness, strategy, mental toughness, playfulness, “unbridled swagger”… and above all it’s a game of energy and for many a celebration of the soul by getting away from work and life’s daily pressures. After all…. were just big kids sprawling, leaping, sprinting and diving in the ultimate sand box aren’t we? What could be more natural or more fun?” Hopefully, I’ll see you at the beach.

Ratings: x- AAA player and Masters National Champion, Surfest “6 Man” Champion, VB Ventures: Div 1 Champion (numerous), “War of the Roses:” Div 1 Champion, Mexico Estero “Elite 8”, FOVA Cal State Grass Volleyball Series Open Division Champion.


Suni hails from Ohio. She moved to California in 2001 and discovered beach volleyball in 2006. She was introduced to it on a first date and has been a "volleyholic" ever since!

Her volleyball game started to rapidly blossom while training under Dennis Colllins who routed efficient footwork and solid fundamentals and ball contact mechanics. She enjoys a steady diet of as much time on the court as possible. Although short in stature, 4'10", she has firmly engrained Dennis mis-directional offensive techniques into her game and mixes an array of shots into her offense. She's become an engaging and interactive coach and is a favorite amoung the locals.

Suni's off the court hobby is cooking and baking. Good thing she gets lots of exercise bumping, setting and hitting!

Todd Dickey

Todd started learning “the game” in 2014 from Dennis and has served as a co-instructor since 2017.  Having  progressed through each level of Dennis’s program he provides great insight from novice to advanced students.  Todd is great at identifying mechanic issues and clearly communicating corrections to improve students play. He also frequently jumps into games with the students after class.






Jim Weiherer

Jim Weiherer is a highly skilled indoor and beach volleyball player.  His offensive and defensive skills have been honed by 40+ years of playing both recreationally and tournaments.