Tournament and Links

Volleyball Ventures

Volleyball Ventures sponsors fun, yet competitive volleyball tournaments throughout the summer. They have several levels for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Half of the tournaments are co-ed and half are mens and womens. These tournaments are a fun way to start competing and meet new friends!


The California Beach Volleyball Association (CBVA) is the primary organizer in California of competive beach volleyball tournaments for both men and women. Levels range from novice (beginner) to open (professional). Many students team up to compete in CVBA tournaments each year.

Beach Cities Ski Club

The Beach Cities Ski Club holds two great volleyball tournaments each year. The Independence Day tournament and the War of the Roses are fun for both competitive and recreational players.

Manhatan Beach Six Man (Surf Fest)

The Manhattan Beach Six Man tournament, also know as the Charlie Saikely Volleyball Tournament or simply "Surf-Fest", is held the in early August. This great tournament draws top professionals, volleyball legends, and recreational players. Many of our instructors and students form teams each year. It's a great time!